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European Internet Exchange Association

Euro-IX Activities at a Glance

  • Euro-IX Forums
    • Organisation of two Fora per year
    • Held each time in a different location in Europe
    • Open to Members, Patrons and invited Guests only
    • Combination of Presentations (technical, commercial, regulatory topics), panel discussions and social events
    • Over 40 IXPs represented at each forum from around the world
    • For more information about the Euro-IX fora, check here


  • Database and Tools
    • Maintenance of IXP Database referencing all known active Internet Exchanges in the world
    • Service Matrix giving an overview of our membets profiles and services
    • ASN Database and Search Tools : This is a repository of customers that are connected to Euro-IX affilaited IXPs. One can search the database by ASN, Organisational names or IXP. This database is maintained by the individual affiliated IXPs.
    • Peering Matrix, This matrix is a cross reference of the number of unique or non-unique ASNs connected at each Euro-IX affiliated IXP. You can compare how many ASNs are connected to IXPs.
    • Route Server Database, available for Members, Patrons only
    • Switch Database, available for Members, Patrons only
    • Optics Datase, available for Members, Patrons only (coming soon)


  • Reports
    • Building of Annual IXP report
    • Traffic Statistics, see what the traffic is doing around the around
    • Benchmarking Reports, available for Members that take part.
    • To view the Euro-IX reports, see here.


  • Mentor-IX Program (formerly Euro-IX Twinning Program)
    • Support program for IXPs in need
    • Involvement of established IXPs 
    • Information, personal training, staff exchange, technical, commercial & regulatory support
    • If you want to get involved, whether you're an IXP in need or if you want to be supporter, see here
    • Current Mentor-IX participants: 

Netnod - KIXP - Kenya                                 


Netnod - MOZIX - Mozambique                


DE-CIX - NPIX - Nepal                                         


DE-CIX - TIX Tanzania                                        


LINX - ZIXP - Zambia                                                               


  • Newsletter
    • Subscribe and view our monthly newsletter for members here.
    • If you have something interesting to share with the IXP community, contact us.


  • Mailing Lists
    • Maintenance of mailing lists for discussions on technical, regulatory, security issues.  Members & Patrons only


  • Working Groups
    • Route Server WG
    • IXP Values WG
    • Blackhole WG
    • Regulatory WG


  • Fellowship Program
    • For IXPs needing support to attend a Euro-IX forum
    • For more information & how to apply, see here.


  • Partnerships
    • PeeringDB
    • IEEE Ethernet Study Group


  • Annual Report
    • These annual reports have been compiled by the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX) in an attempt to get a better picture of the past and current situation in regards to the number of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) operating in Europe, the amount of traffic being exchanged at these IXPs, the number of connected parties peering there, and other relevant statistics and trends that are now appearing in the European IXP market. 
    • Aceess previous reports here 


  • Euro-IX Benchmarking Club (BMC)
    • The Euro-IX benchmarking Club (BMC) was initiated in November 2004 as a means for affiliated IXPs to exchange data about their business so as to enable them to compare their performances and policies. The BMC survey questions and final reports are reviewed each year by the BMC Committee. The current members of this committee are: Maria Isabel Gandia Carriedo (CATNIX), Stefan Wahl (ECIX), John Souter (LINX) and Luca Cicchelli (TOP-IX).  The BMC was iniitiated in November 2004 as a means for affiliated IXPs to exchange data about their business, so as to enable them to compare performances and policies. For each round, the BMC Reports are only accessible for the Member IXPs that have taken part in the BMC Survey.


  • Location of IXPs Map
    • Provides location of affiliated and non-affiliated IXPs worlwide here
    • Access the Euro-IX List of worldwide IXPs (including non-members)  here. This is a comprehensive list of all known IXPs around the globe and their respective traffic statistics (where available). If you would like to add an IXP to this list or update the URL of an IXPs traffic figures, please make contact with us.


  • Calendar of events
    • Lists members events and Euro-IX events through the calendar year here