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European Internet Exchange Association

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Euro-IX has been set up as a Membership Association in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with 2 full-time employees managing the day-to-day operations and an Executive Board of 7 elected IXP representatives. The Board meets regularly throughout the year and the member IXPs meet at least twice a year at the Euro-IX Fora where the General Meetings are held. 

Read the Articles of Association .


Any Internet Exchange Point can potentially join the membership. Some basic guidelines have been drawn up to help define what exactly an IXP is. Euro-IX has accepted the inductry definition of an IXP as "A physical network infrastructure operated by a single entity with the purpose to facilitate the exchange of Internet traffic between Autonomous Systems. The number of Autonomous Systems connected should at least be three and there must be a clear and open policy for others to join." On meeting this definition, and as long as the applying organisation is up and running with at least 3 peers and a published customers list, one may apply to join Euro-IX.

=> For more information and to apply for membership, go to Become a Member

=> And download our pdf document to see the benefits on becoming a member -  Becoming a Euro-IX Member



Industry related parties (i.e. Data centers, Switch vendors...) can also be involved in the Euro-IX Association by becoming a Patron. 

=> For more information and to apply for patronage, go to Become a Patron

=> And download our pdf document to see the benefits on becoming a Patron -  Becoming a Euro-IX Patron