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European Internet Exchange Association

Organization Profile

Equinix (EMEA) BV

Board Contact:
Equinix is a leading global provider of public peering services at 23 Equinix Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) worldwide. Understanding the need for private peering and PNI, Equinix provides an environment designed to foster interconnection at our 145 IBX data centers in 40 Metro locations on five continents. Internet Exchange Features: - Carrier-class service including an SLA commitment of >99.99% port uptime - 24x7 Network Operations Center for issue resolution at every site - The most diverse geographical coverage worldwide of any IXP operator - Port speeds ranging from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps - Dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 support - Route server-based Multi-Lateral Peering Exchange (MLPE) - Support for industry standard IEEE 802.1Q trunking encapsulation - Private VLAN (Unicast Peering VLAN enabled) for direct bi-lateral peering or communities of interest - PNI: Dense private peering ecosystems: more than 170,000 physical cross-connects installed (March 2016)
Martin Atkinson Senior Manager, Peering and Interconnection EMEA E: | T +44 (0)207 6344017 | M +44 7881 312172