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European Internet Exchange Association

Organization Profile


Russian Federation
Board Contact:
MSK-IX accelerates communications between Internet companies by providing neutral Internet eXchange for IP peering and global distributed network of DNS servers for top-level domains. More than 500 organizations use MSK-IX services on a daily basis to enhance network connectivity in 9 cities in Russia. MSK-IX participants include ISPs, social networks, search engines, cloud providers, corporate and educational networks.
Name Country
MSK-IX Ekaterinburg Russian Federation
MSK-IX Kazan Russian Federation
MSK-IX Moscow Russian Federation
MSK-IX Novosibirsk Russian Federation
MSK-IX Riga Latvia
MSK-IX Rostov on Don Russian Federation
MSK-IX Samara Russian Federation
MSK-IX St.Petersburg Russian Federation
MSK-IX Stavropol Russian Federation
MSK-IX Vladivostok Russian Federation