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Greek Internet Exchange

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GR-IX is the GReek Internet Exchange. GR-IX constitutes an important national infrastructure as it interconnects significant players of the Greek Internet, such as Internet Service Providers, Content providers etc, and facilitates the exchange of IP traffic among them. The goal of GR-IX is to improve the connectivity, quality and speed of the Greek Internet and, at the same time, reduce the cost of accessing it. GR-IX was founded in 2009 as a successor of AIX (Athens Internet Exchange), which was in operation since 2000. The management and operation of the exchange is done by the Greek Research & Technology Network (GRNET S.A.), which acts as a "third trusted entity" and ensures the neutrality of the exchange.
<p> Mesogeion 56, Ampelokipi, 11537 Athens<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p> <abbr title="Phone">P:</abbr> +30 210-7474274</p> <p> <abbr title="Fax">F:</abbr> + 30 210-7474490</p>
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Greek Internet Exchange Greece