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European Internet Exchange Association

Organization Profile

Tanzania Internet eXchange

Tanzania, United Republic of
Board Contact:
TIX is a project of TISPA. TISPA was registered as a non-profit organization in December 2002, the main motivation was to get an organization to support the creation of a local Internet Exchange Point. This was only a short term goal and TISPA functions are not limited to that and have grown our current Mission Statement is “To bring together the Internet community to collectively make the Internet accessible to as many people as possible by encouraging the proliferation of Internet services in the sector, and have their effects be as positive as possible to the users and the country in general”
Website: http// Telephone Contacts Tel1: +255-713-301427 Tel2: +255-748-321183 P.o.Box 80449, Postcode: 11102 Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania Physical address (Where we are situated) Rm 300, 3rd Floor, Posta House, Ghana Street.
Name Country
Tanzania Internet eXchange Tanzania, United Republic of
TIX Tanzania - Mwanza IXP Tanzania, United Republic of