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European Internet Exchange Association

Organization Profile

Ghana Internet Exchange

Board Contact:
The Ghana Internet eXchange (GIX) was launched on 18th October, 2005. It is run and operated by the Ghana Internet eXchange Association (GIXA), an independent non-profit corporation established by the Ghana Internet Service Providers Association (GISPA) and other stakeholders interested in joining and growing the GIX. Whiles the GIX is a facility housed at a commercial data center, the GIXA is the community of operators (ISPs and Network Operators) who are connected and owners. GISPA is a professional, non-profit trade association representing the interest of ISPs and those interested in the provision of Internet service. The structure of the GIXA (GIX) is such that non-members of GISPA can also connect to the exchange. Hence it is open to all carriers (operators) who may want to exchange traffic locally.
Technical Manager - Emmanuel Kwarteng | +233244353093 |
Name Country
Ghana Internet Exchange Ghana