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European Internet Exchange Association

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Board Contact:
Rezopole operates IXPs. We provide : - Development of IXPs by operating and extending Internet eXchange Points (IXP) - Animation of the ICT sector and the organization of events for Internet, Network and Telco professionals - Support for private and public players in the Internet & Telecom projects as well as the establishment of ICT services Rezopole is a non-profit organization which avoids competition with its members in the development of new services or showing any preference towards a member or its business model. The association does not intervene there where a business-type organization capable of meeting the requirements of the industry is present. Rezopole succeeds because it is dedicated to a wide audience on a specific activity and because its neutral status has the support and confidence of its members and the Internet community. Rezopole operates several IXPs in the Rhône-Alpes Region: in Lyon (LyonIX) and in Grenoble (GrenoblIX). Outside the region of Rhône-Alpes, Rezopole also intervenes in Strasbourg with EuroGIX and Nice with NicIX. Our IXPs are open to international, national, local operators and carriers. Small, medium and large size companies, local governments and associations can connect their network or benefit from our IXP via their ISP. Our IXP is also a NAP (Network Acces Point): Users can buy and sell traffic capacity to other present companies. Rezopole is an open structure, defined by the sharing of knowledge and best practices as well as the use of open-source software for its activities. You can have access to many technical information here :