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European Internet Exchange Association

News & Events

BMC Deadline Extension Feb. 10, 2017


The BMC survey deadline has been extended to Friday 24th February. Members who have not completed the survey, can do so here

February Newsletter Feb. 9, 2017


The Euro-IX Forum Programme Committee (FPC) is now seeking presentation proposals for the 30th Euro-IX Forum. We are looking for proposals for 20 - 30 minute presentations and Lightning Talk proposals. Submit abstracts and draft presentations here

MIX Milan has reached the 400Gbps traffic level! Read about their traffic journey and other news in the February newsletter here

January Newsletter Jan. 9, 2017


Happy New Year! We wish the entire IXP community all the best in the upcoming year.

Welcome to our new remote members - Costa Rica Internet and Exchange and Ghana Internet eXchange Association.

We would like to remind Euro-IX members that BMC Round 12 is now open. The deadline to complete the survey is 10th February.

Read the newsletter here

LINX and France-IX collaboration Nov. 17, 2016


LINX and France-IX are collaborating to enhance the value of peering in Europe and beyond.  With a shared vision of building an open community of networks, and to grow an "internet for everyone", the collaboration will cover commercial areas, as well as areas such as operations and software development.

Franck Simon, president at France-IX said, "One of our aims is also to work on helping both English speaking and French speaking African countries to develop IXPs, and be able to provide African networks with the ability to reach either London or Marseille". 

LINX has over 20 years of operations and 750 interconnected networks; John Souter, CEO at LINX commented, "Network operators and Internet exchanges understand how important it is to work together for a greater good. By collaborating with France-IX we can help maintain and grow an effective Internet for everyone."

Read the full press release here

November Newsletter Nov. 17, 2016


We would like to thank TPIX for hosting the 29th Forum and their incredible support during this time.

Find out more about what hapened at the forum, including the election of new Board members Kjetil Olsen (NIX) and Mauro Magrassi (MIX).

In addition, join us in welcoming Ciena to the Euro-IX Community and find out more about ciena here

Read the full newsletter here