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European Internet Exchange Association

Welcome to Euro-IX

We are an association of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), promoting an open interchange of ideas and experiences, gained to mutual advantage of the membership, by offering fora, workshops, tutorials, mailing lists and online resources.

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Latest News

May 2016 Newsletter May 9, 2016

This months newsletter highlights some of the moments during the 28th forum in Luxembourg, including reflections from the Host - LU-CIX and 28th forum fellow from KINIX.

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Attendance Record in Luxembourg April 29, 2016

The 28th Euro-IX had a record of 122 attendees representing 56 organisations (including 42 IXPs from 30 countries). All presentations are available on the Forum program page and videos of presentations will be available online soon (for Euro-IX members only). 

IXP Manager Workshop - Watch now! Jan. 4, 2016

If you missed the IXP Manager workshop in Berlin, you can now watch it via our youtube channel here. We'd like to thank Barry O'Donovan  and INEX for their continued support and growth of the software. If you're an IXP and interested in joining for the next tutorial get in touch with us!


What is an IXP?

The Internet eXchange Federation has defined an IXP as;

 A network facility that enables the interconnection of more than two independent Autonomous Systems, primarily for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of Internet traffic.
An IXP provides interconnection only for Autonomous Systems. An IXP does not require the Internet traffic passing between any pair of participating Autonomous Systems to pass through any third Autonomous System, nor does it alter or otherwise interfere with such traffic.

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